We are a team with a background in education that wanted to build a better way to support our schools, our students and our families. So we went for it. The solution had to work for our schools, PTAs, support groups, booster clubs and teachers and had to be easy for communities to use. It had to be transparent and cost effective for school systems and for those who wanted to give. These were non-negotiable. So that is where we started.

We are also a team with a curious streak, a tendency to dream and a smidge of chutzpah. So, we added some icing on top – a program that would permit school systems to raise funds while giving families & employees something they could use, would want and couldn’t get anywhere else – the gift of unlimited internet with the WiFi on the Go Program. And then something strange happened. We realized that the mission of serving students also ended up serving families who needed better internet access. And that was amazing.

We are a team of pleasers and fixers. So we listened to our clients and our colleagues in education. They asked for a way to permit giving the old fashioned way with no credit card fees and we added it. They asked for way to pay school fees online so we built that too. A way to let community businesses match individual gifts to multiply donations? Sure. A marketplace to sell t shirts, tickets, and other items? Absolutely. How about a dedicated app? It's coming too.

We are a team that is just getting started. We want to do more and be more for our kids. It sounds panache but we want to change the world a bit. We want to make a difference. We want to live generously. And we want to share that with you. It is just a click or two away…

Take a look at the solutions that we’ve built for you HERE!